Commercial Directory of the Jews of the United Kingdom
   G. Eugene Harfield (Hewlett & Pierce 5654/1894)

These are the entries for established businesses in this parish, showing the variety of trades. 
They represent only a percentage of Jewish shops and companies in the area.
Fifer, N. & Co., 6, Tenter Buildings, St. Mark Street: Wholesale boot, shoe & slipper manufacturer.
Isaacs, Simon, 6, Great Alie Street: Baker and confectioner, for weddings, balls and parties; Passover provisions.
Jacobs & Co., Passover cake baker.
Shapero, P., 49, Gt. Alie Street: Wholesale & retail Hebrew and English bookseller; Passover spirits and wine.

Abrahams, R. & Co., 25: Wholesale and export boot and shoe manufacturers; Established 1886.
Bonn, Jos., 12: Hotel and restaurant. Bonn's magnificent suite of rooms for weddings, confirmations,
balls and general entertainments; Est. 1870.
Cohen, B. S.: Pencil Manufacturer.
Wolf & Co., 14: Passover Cake assn.

Cohen, A., 82: Ostrich-feather manufacturer.
Cohen, J., 4, Little Alie Street: Wholesale hat and cap manufacturer.
Fordonski, M., 33: India-rubber, waterproof clothing manufacturer. And at Bancroft Rd. Est. 1868.
Goldman, H., 37: Builder and house-decorator, plumber, gas and hot-water fitter. Estimates. Est. 1887.
Makover, W. & G. 28: Wholesale and retail woollen merchants and dealers in job lots and cap stuffs.
Newman, M., 63: Hand-sewn boot and shoe maker for custom trade.
Passes, G., 47: Draper and General Dealer.
Rubenstein, B., 45: Jeweller. Also tobacconist and cigar dealer. Hall for weddings.
Van Praagh, A, 14, St. Mark Street: Monumental mason. Works : Baron Sclater Street.

Freedman, J. & Co., 15: Manufacturers plain and fancy card boxes. Cigarette, drug and chemical boxes a speciality.
Jacobs, S., 43: Custom tailor.
Moses, S., 65: Government stores dealer.
Rutkowski, Lipman A., 14: Woollen merchant, warehousman and stock buyer. Est. 1885.

Annenberg, I., 273: The 'Non Plus Ultra' waterproof clothing manufacturer.
Barnstein, S. & Son, 14, Philpot Street: Wholesale shoe and slipper manufacturers. Est. 1885.
Cohen, G. Sons & Co., 600: Iron merchants.
Cohen, H., 160 and 134: Tailors' trimmings.
Cohen, Ph. & Co., 26: Wholesale ironmongers.
Franklin, S., 21: Boot and shoe manufacturer.
Harris & Sons, 84-86: Tobacconists.
Harris, L., 53: Watchmaker and jeweller.
Harris, N., 476: Merchant tailor and outfitter.
Klein, L., 52: Greenfield Street; High-class tailor and outfitter and dealer in woollens. Special quotations to privates.
Lerner, S.,137, Back Church Lane: Family grocer. Passover provisions and groceries supplied. By ecclesiastical authority.
Lion Bros., 24: Wholesale clothiers.
Moses, Abm., 132: Master tailor; Reliance Deposit and Loan Co., Ltd.
Rosenberg, M., 59, Umberston Street: Wholesale and retail baker.
Samuels, Morris, 471: Merchant tailor and juvenile outfitter. Est. 1885.
Schleifstein, A., 275: Wholesale and retail woollen fancy goods, hosiery, etc. And at Stoney Lane.
Sichel, M., 105: Umbrella and stick maker, tobacconist and news agent; London and New York Jewish publications.
Wolff, Isaac, 150: Hairdresser, perfumer, and chiropodist.
Yaffe, Louis, 120, Back Church Lane: Family grocer and upholsterer. Passover groceries supplied.

Rothschild, Alfred de: Refiner.

Jacobs, Jos., 77: Wholesale surgical instrument manufacturer. Established 1887.

Here are details of synagogues and societies listed as being within the parish:

B. Van Staveren, Esq., President. M. Van Leer, Esq., Vice-President. E. Berg, Esq., Treasurer.
LOVERS OF PEACE, Tewkesbury Buildings, Whitechapel.
M. De Leef, Esq., President. Gabriel Haring, Esq., Treasurer. Isaac Klein, secretary.
LOVERS OF JUSTICE AND PEACE, Green Man, Mansell Street.
J. Lœzen, President. I. L. Defries, secretary and Collector, 10, Tenter Street, N. Goodman's Fields.
UNITED KALLISHER CONGREGATION, Tenter Buildings, Goodman's Fields.
L. Opper, Esq., President. R. Cohen, Esq., Hon. Secretary.
Held at the Jewish Working Men's Club, Gt. Alie-street, E.; Mr. Kaufman, Financial Secretary.

Ladies' Association, Rosaline House, Tenter Street, North.
Lady Rothschild, President. Mrs. Cyril Flower, Hon. Sec. Mrs. Jones, Matron.
Jewish Girls' Club, 22, Gt. Prescott Street, E.
Mrs. Louis Davidson, President. Lady Magnus, Treasurer. Miss E. Gollancz, Hon. Secretary.

London Poultry Killers. Messrs. Mesquita & Landau, 3, Tenter Street, E.

The Court Directory - a list of 65 prominent figures in society - lists three who lived locally:
Hart, Rev. Marcus, 21 Gt Prescott Street
Lerner, Rev. Dr., Chief of Federation of Synagogues, 46, Great Prescott Street
Lipman, Rev. N., Chief of Shochetim, 61, Mansell Street

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