Whitechapel Tailors 1888
(from Booth survey, notebook 'Tailors 2')

Chamber Street
A German street, mostly trousers hands. Workshops upstairs in some cases, in others on the ground floor, this is usually the case in houses, which have a large window on the ground floor. Good class work, best bespoke and other.
Weidermann, 14 Chamber Street
Schaumliffel, 15 Chamber Street
Lunser, 18 Chamber Street
Manser, 65 Chamber Street
Radatz, 65 Chamber Street
Walch, 71 Chamber Street
Berner, 77 Chamber Street
Bradley, 79 Chamber Street
R Radtke, 80 Chamber Street
Radtke, 85 Chamber Street
Kremer, 86 Chamber Street
Galbricht, 87 Chamber Street
Levy, 89 Chamber Street
Ruddutz, 64 Chamber Street
Reesig, 63 Chamber Street
Woolrich, 9 Chamber Street
Macmahon, Chamber Street
Royal Mint Street area
The people in these streets would be in a small way of business, the majority having only one machine. Workrooms would be in various parts of the house, being dwelling rooms adapted to the needs of the occupier's trade.
Melvillehill, 34 Royal Mint Street
Virgiels,144 Royal Minst Street
Emily Hatt, 30 Royal Mint Street
McCarthy, 34 Royal Mint Street
Cohen, 62 Royal Mint Street
Kremer, 12 Kings Street, Royal Mint Street
Woolf, 26 Kings Street, Royal Mint Street
Drews, 26 Kings Street, Royal Mint Street
Freetag, 28 Kings Street, Royal Mint Street
Baines, 12 Rose Court, Royal Mint Street
Duster, 1 Sharps Buildings, Tower Hill
Plunke, 1 Sharps Buildings, Tower Hill
Goldstein, 1 Sharps Buildings, Tower Hill
Eisberg, 35 Trinity Square
Frietag, 19 George Street, Tower Hill
J Goldstein, 14 George Street, Tower Hill
Hoerchner, 25 King Street, Royal Mint Street
Zipperich, 7 King Street, Royal Mint Street
Frietag, King Street
Leman Street
Good class of people. Most of the workshops are upstairs.
J Wachtel, 37 Leman Street
Sherman, 49 Leman Street
Woolf Cohen, 77 Leman Street
Fox, 76 Leman Street
Rosenburg, 89 Leman Street
L Speckman, 91 Leman Street
Bammann, 93 Leman Street
Rosenberg, 93 Leman Street
Balkow, J 97 Leman Street
M Bamberger, 58 Leman Street
Deister, 32 Dock Street
Coates, 4 Well Street, Cable Street
Tincer, 2 or 3 Well Street, Cable Street
Cohen, 2½ Well Street, Cable Street
Jesizonowski, 16 Well Street, Cable Street
Gowers Walk
Small houses facing the railway warehouses, which (are) on the side of the street. All coat hands.
Simons, 15 Plough Street, Commercial Road
Freedman, 11 Buckle Street
M Goldstein, 11 Hoopers Square
Tomlinson, 18 Rupert Street, Hooper Street
Lewis, 64 Lambeth Street
Levy, 65 Lambeth Street
Harris, 64 Lambeth Street
Norman, 45 Gowers Walk
J Cohen, 46 Gowers Walk
Folder, 50 Gowers Walk
Lutenberg, 58 Gowers Walk
Cohen, 60 Gowers Walk
Duncan Street
All small employers. The top floor is usually workroom, the windows being large and affording plenty of light. Some shops in other parts of the house. Chiefly coat hands.
Cohen, 1 Duncan Street, Leman Street
Pyzer, 6 Duncan Street, Leman Street
Greenwell, 6 Duncan Street, Leman Street
S Cohen, 8 Duncan Stree, Leman Street
Marchant, 7 Duncan Street, Leman Street
Greenstone, 9 Duncan Street, Leman Street
Fox, 9 Duncan Street Leman Street
Normann,10 Duncan Street Leman Street
Goldsmith, 10 Duncan Street Leman Street
Frankenstein, 11 Duncan Street Leman Street
St George's (south of Cable Street)
In this district, work is done in all parts of the house. There are many Germans and some Irish; a few Jews. The Irish do the best work.
Benjamin, 37 Wellclose Square
Kremer, 35 Wellclose Square
Batzen, 32 Wellclose Square
J Adler, 3 Wellclose Square
Bruckmann, 13 Wellclose Square
Cyfer, Wellclose Square
Hinken, Wellclose Square
Fellman, 10 Princes Square
?, 16 Princes Square
Michael, 23 Princes Square
Clodi, 6 Betts Street
Mimon, 2 Denmark Street
Rosenthorpe, 2 Denmark Street
Emily Austin, 38 Denmark Street
Clow, 57 St Georges Street
A Adler, 61 Georges Street
McBlaine, 108 Georges Street
Taylor, 130 Georges Street
Cable Street
A good class of shops, mostly in the house. Small employers predominate. There are a large number of Germans.
Jerzisnosky, 15 Cable Street
Koch, 17 Cable Street
Goldberg, 123 Cable Street
Warshoskey, 129 Cable Street
Wagner, 147 Cable Street

Hansing, 181 Cable Street
Jacobs, 199 Cable Street
J Jacobs, 205 Cable Street
S Winter, 207 Cable Street
Baum, 213 Cable Street
Adler, 215 Cable Street
Alexander, 217 Cable Street
Collier, 219 Cable Street
Carter, 219 Cable Street
Levy, 146 Cable Street
Lyons, 192 Cable Street
Solomons, 192 Cable Street
Soberman, 224 Cable Street
A Klein, 230 Cable Street
Thais. 169 Cable Street
Solomons, 171 Cable Street
Backchurch Lane
All room workshops. Usually on the first or second floor.
Cohen, 34 Backchurch Lane
Brenner, 56 Backchurch Lane
Kellor, 56 Backchurch Lane

Adevitz, 67 Backchurch Lane
Davies, 100 Backchurch Lane
Morris, 114 Backchurch Lane
Goldstein, 54 Backchurch Lane
Uderitz, 67 Backchurch Lane
Samuel, 111 Backchurch Lane
Eichholtz, 110 Backchurch Lane
Green, 63 Backchurch Lane
Rosenberg, 26 Backchurch Lane
Josephs, Backchurch Lane
Brunswick Street and adjacent streets
Workshops on the first floor front room as a rule. Small employers. Very common work.
Goldstein, 7 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
Nathan Reece, 14 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
Cohen, 29 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
Hootmann, 10 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
A Cohen, 25 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
Levy, 8 Brunswick Street, Ellen Street
W Levy, 12 Brunswick Street. Ellen Street
Isaac Woolf, 3 Brunswick Street Ellen Street
Jacobs, 17 Providence Street
Sherman, 20 Providence Street
Schiff, 37 Boyd Street
Blank, 31 Philip Street
Erlisch, 3 Philip Street
Rosenberg, Ellen Street
Schulz, 9 Berner Street
Jager, 11 Berner Street
Sandground, 12 Berner Street
Lazarus, 14 Berner Street
Vinel, 38 Berner Street
Goldstein, 40 Berner Street
Leah Wiener, 42 Berner Street
Ironberg, 51 Berner Street
Birkoffsky, 62 Berner Street
Schiralchi, 14 Berner Street
Cohen, 65 Berner Street
Taylor, 67 Berner Street
Mrs. Gyles, 63 Berner Street
Rosenberg, 38 Berner Street
Pelican, 31 Berner Street
Frankenstein, Berners Court
Cohen, 73 Berner Street
Morris, 80 Berner Street
Solomons, 8 Berner Street
Christian Street
All small men with workrooms in the house.
Baker, 30 Christian Street
Lipman, 47 Christian Street
Anhalt, 56 Christian Street
Alexander, 82 Christian Street
Nolscild, 86 Christian Street
Schroder, Christian Street
Rosenbaum, 93 Christian Street
Jaffe, 95 Christian Street
Freese, 103 Christian Street
Bluestone, 111 Christian Street
Harris, 111 Christian Street
Gold, 65 Christian Street
Grace, 74 Christian Street
Woodard, 88 Christian Street
Baruch, 3 Fairclough Street
Fitzlaff, 35 Fairclough Street
Breck, 37 Fairclough Street
Moses, 1 Batty Street
Cohen, 1a Batty Street
Davies, 29 Batty Street
Tetzlaff, 35 Batty Street
Tetzlaff, 39 Batty Street
Broski, 26 Batty Gardens
D Cohen, 61 Christian Street
Grove Street
All small workshops in the house. A German street.
Taylor, 8 Grove Street
Davis, 8 Grove Street
Zyfert, 17 Grove Street
Harris, 27 Grove Street
Jacobs, 39 Grove Street
Orton, 57 Grove Street
London, 62 Grove Street
Mrs. Cooper, 71 Grove Street
Jacobs, 89 Grove Street
Marks, 97 Grove Street
Abrahams, 108 Grove Street
Vineburgh, 49 Everard Street, Backchurch Lane
Langdale Street
Workshops in the house. Small houses and mostly domestic workshops. This applies to the other streets on the sheet.
Rosenthal, 15 James Street
Solomons, 28 James Street
De Young, 34 James Street
H Harris, 7 Samuel Street

Levy, 1 Langdale Street
Goldberg, 12 Langdale Street
Morrison, 14 Langdale Street
Hyman, 14 Langdale Street
Levy, 24 Langdale Street
Solomons, 37 Langdale Street
Cozinskie, 47 Langdale Street
Krosminski, 47 Langdale Street
Harris, 51 Langdale Street
Marks, 4 William Street
Myers, 9 William Street
Baum, 25 John Street
Mrs. Leary, 15 John Street
Mrs. Carpenter, 19 Samuel Street
Commercial Road
Bagg & Son, 28 Commercial Road
Rapehael, 148 Commercial Road
Wallers, 132 Commercial Road
Lions, 24 Commercial Road
Rylands, 166 Commercial Road
Nolan, 138 Commercial Road
Michaels, 244 Commercial Road
Umberston Street
All small people. Workshops in the house, first floor as a rule.
A Koski, 15 Umberston Street
Levy, 15 Umberston Street
Canton & Miller, 13 Umberston Street
Blumberg, 21 Umberston Street
Mary Wood, 25 Umberston Street
Koch, 66 Umberston Street
Phillips, 66 Umberston Street
Levy, 74 Umberston Street
Morgan Street
Small houses. All the shops would be in the house, the front room upstairs being the usual location as it is the largest room in the house. All small people.
Simpson, 40 Morgan Street
Robinson, 12 Morgan Street
Thaiss, 3 Morgan Street
Lipkewitz, 5 Morgan Street

Goldstein, 28 Morgan Street
Cohen, 20 Morgan Street
Solomons, 18 Morgan Street
Bauman, 16 Morgan Street
Galston, 38 Morgan Street
Brooks, 56 Morgan Street
Marks, 2 Cross Street, Morgan Street
Krynski, 5 Cross Street, Morgan Street
Levy, 10 Morgan Street
Bellman, 6 Morgan Street
Lefcovich, 7 or 9 Morgan Street
Sidney, 1 Cross Street
Bryman, 6 Cross Street
Cannon Street Road
Large house, three and four floors, nearly all occupied as business premises and residence of employers. Workshops are found in all parts of the house, top floor or parlours (ground floor) being the most common place. In several houses, there are two and occasionally more businesses carried on.
Cohen, 46 Cannon Street Road
Rosenberg, 70 Cannon Street Road
H Jarrett, 70-72 Cannon Street Road
Loobliner, 74 Cannon Street Road
Alexander, 78 Cannon Street Road
Bucks, 12 Cannon Street Road
Davis, 100 Cannon Street Road
A Solomons, 116 Cannon Street Road
H Crown, 118 Cannon Street Road
Cohen, 130 Cannon Street Road
Michaels, 138 Cannon Street Road
Jacobs, 142 Cannon Street Road
Phillips, 158 Cannon Street Road
Klugman, 160 Cannon Street Road
Jacobs, 164 Cannon Street Road
Firkins, 168 Cannon Street Road
Zayfert, 172 Cannon Street Road
Harris, 7 Cannon Street Road
Abrahams, 173 Cannon Street Road
M. Rabin, 165 Cannon Street Road
J Levy, 161 Cannon Street Road
H Goldstein, 49 Cannon Street Road
Levy, 21 Cannon Street Road
L Medas, 122 Cannon Street Road
Staaks, 128 Cannon Street Road
Green, Cannon Street Road
St George's-in-the-East (east of Cannon Street Road)
Simmonds, 15 Lower Chapman Street
Eliz. Farrell, Smiths Place, Lower Chapman
Dodson, 3 Virginia Place
Perkins, 2 Albion Place
Emily Ward, 27 Tait Street
Baxter, 36 Tait Street
Ely Parish, 53 Tait Street
Sadler, 54 Tait Street
Mrs. Hedgeman, 59 Tait Street
Kate Stannard, 41 Upper Chapman Street

Dorling, 39 Upper Chapman Street
Kenchler, 35 Upper Chapman Street
Selina Knott, 8 Chapman Place, Upper
  Chapman Street
Humphreys, 9 Chapman Place, Upper Chapman
Leaver, 10 Chapman Place,Upper Chapman
Lovell, 3 Walburgh Place
Stannard, 41 Ann Street
Warren, 14 Mary Street
Cook, 25 Mary Street
Parish, 34 Morris Street
Aarons, 49 Cornwall Street
Anthony Street
All small workrooms in the house. Mostly little people doing warehouse work.
Rabin, 6 Kinder Street, Commercial Road
Phillips, 33 Richard Street
Vice, 55 Richard Street
Bundock, 67 Richard Street
Phillips, 11 Anthony Street
Jacobs, 13 Anthony Street
Morris Cohen, 15 Anthony Street
Parker, 43 Anthony Street
Robinson, 46 Anthony Street
Theobolt, 54 Anthony Street
Mrs. Dodd, 99 Anthony Street
Agnes Brown, 5 Lower Fenton St, Anthony St
Lazarus, 16 Lower Fenton St, Anthony Street
Blackbrough, 10 Anthony Street Buildings
Bawtell, 9 Anthony Street Buildings
Buross and Hungerford Streets
No proper workshops; all private rooms used for the trade. Poor class of work and people.
Lipman, 2 Buross Street, Commercial Road
Marks, 2 Buross Street, Commercial Road
Muntz, 4 Buross Street, Commercial Road
Hughes, 42 Buross Street, Commercial Rd
Ann Julier, 45 Buross Street, Commercial Rd
Tarleton, 50 Buross Street, Commercial Rd
Mrs. Thompson, 51 Buross St, Commercial Rd
Brown, 36 Hungerford Street
Martin, 29 Hungerford Street
Matilda Richardson, 3 Hungerford Street
Star [previously and later Planet] and Devonshire Streets
Mr. Rudman (Singers) does not know any tailors in these streets except Schapira.
Salter, 5 Star Street
Marriner, 39 Star Street
Sullivan, 41 Star Street
Goss, 53 Star Street
Craze, 46 Star Street
Marriner, 54 Star Street
Arnold, 5 Star Court Star Street
Schapira, 7 Devonshire Street
Levene, 19 Devonshire Street
Anhardt, 42 Sutton Street
Mrs. Neal, 63 Sutton Street
Eliz. Harriss, 12 Spencer Street
Stemnitz, 10 Spencer Street
Mrs. Manhood, 8 Spencer Street
Mrs. Selbeck, 8 Spencer Street
Proudfoot and Willis, Johnson Street
Mackenzie, 7 Johnson Street
Greenberg, Sutton Street East
Mrs. Boon, Sutton Street East
Mrs. Hill, Sutton Street East

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