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- St George-in-the-East Church, 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1 0BH

Parish Administrator Fiona Lawrence (weekday mornings)

020 7481 1345

You can also contact the wardens, Treasurer and PCC Secretary via the office.

Here are some documents you can download:
- Baptism information and booking form as pdf or doc
- Wedding information and booking/banns form
- Electoral Roll application form
- Standing Order and Gift Aid forms

PARISH CLERGY - Angus Ritchie and Tim Clapton
contact via the parish office

020 7481 1345

Executive Headteacher Terry Bennett  Head of School Darren Rubin
Wellclose Square, London E1 8HY

020 7480 6581


Director The Revd Canon Dr Angus Ritchie
Crypt East, 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1 0BH


Crypt West, 14 Cannon Street Road, London E1 0BH

020 7488 2374

Former occupants of Crypt East:


Director and Assistant Dean The Revd Dr Ann Coleman
24 Collingham Road, London, SW5 0LX


153 Commercial Road, London E1 2DA

020 7193 6337

for the Diocese of London, the Bishop of London, the Bishop of Stepney, the Archdeacon of Hackney,
the Area Dean of Tower Hamlets, see diocesan website

ST GEORGE-IN-THE-PINES, Banff, Canada - with whom we have friendship links: the George Belcher, the Rector, has visited us, and Edith Wyeth's grand-daughter Ruth and her partner Jason recently stayed in Banff - see pictures HERE, and visit their website


All the registers from the closed churches which were once within the parish, and non-current registers from St George-in-the-East, are deposited at the London Metropolitan Archive (formerly known as the Greater London Records Office), 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB, tel 020 7332 3820, which should be approached directly for enquiries. They are very helpful, and the records have been digitised. Click here to contact them by email. (There is a letter of 1958 enclosed in one of the registers from an American attorney offering rewards of between $25 and $100 for various names - one of several thousand he claimed to have sent. This obviously predates the world-wide web and the scanning of registers by Mormons and others!)

The only burial record held by the parish is a calligraphic list - a copy from the duplicate book lists of the London Necropolis Company - of the 686 boxes and lead coffins removed from the crypt and reburied at Brookwood Cemetery between 11 October and 9 November 1960 - click image right to view.

However, the parish archives do contain copies of typed transcripts of many of the early marriage registers (names and dates only), made by LMA in the 1970s. These would only be useful if the registers in question have deteriorated since they were made.

Two former daughter churches - St Mary Cable Street (Johnson Street) and St Peter London Dock (Wapping) - are separate parishes with their own registers, and should be contacted directly.

here for a useful site with dates and maps of former parish boundaries

Baptisms Marriages Burials
St George-in the East 1729-1928 (1) 1729-1966 (2) 1729-1856 (3)
Christ Church Watney Street 1842-1942 1864-1970 no burials
St John Grove (Golding) Street 1869-1943 1870-1948 no burials
St Matthew Pell Street 1859-1891 1850-1891 no burials
St Mark Goodman Fields (Whitechapel) 1840-1926 1841-1926 no burials
St Paul Dock Street 1848-1982 1864-1970 no burials

(1)    1729-1901 on microfilm (P93 X24 or X92 or X97)
(2)    1729-1894 on microfilm (P93 X24 or X97)
(3)    1729-1875 a mixture of originals (P93/GEO), microfilm (P93 X24) and Bishop's transcripts (DL/T/76); no records available from Feb 1773 - June 1777

Note: while you can still search the microfilms, LMA has now digitised most of these records, and offers free access at their premises to with whom they have established a partnership, so that you can search online by name. (To do this from home you have to subscribe.) Many local libraries also offer free access.

 LMA also hold churchwardens' accounts (1779-1804); copies of registers from 1805-1848, an exhumation faculty of 1857 and a ledger of various accounts from 1792-96. Post-1836 records of parish Poor Law institutions are listed in Stepney Board of Guardians, St George in the East (ST/BG/SG)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library, 277 Bancroft Road E1 4DQ (020 7364 1290),, holds daybooks for baptisms (1729-1840, with some gaps), banns of marriage (1729-1879, with some gaps), burials (1729-36 and 1747-67), Vestry minutes (1729, 1749, 1766-1832 & 1860-67), and posters, papers and newspaper cuttings from 1844-72, particularly in relation to the ritualism riots, including Monitions to the Rector (TH/8454). They also hold a set of rubbings of many of the headstones set around the perimeter of the Gardens, made during the 2007/8 refurbishment. This library is a marvellous resource for much other information about the parish, with helpful and knowledgeable staff.
Contact them on the above link to receive their excellent and informative electronic newsletters.Tower Hamlets residents can access [see above] free of charge from this and other libraries, and at Idea Stores, in the borough.

The Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section, Aldermanbury EC2V 7HH (020 7332 1863),, is the local record office for the City of London, and holds copies of some faculties granted between 1820 and 1994, plus two files of other legal deeds and documents (19224/258).

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