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May Fair

Mystery shoes left on church steps - what's the story?


Handbells at the carol service; Mark and Emilia at the re-opening of the Olympic Park:
Observer 28 July 2013


on 24 March by piano pupils of Michael Keyte, with sacred music by London Transport Choir


pictures from the tower
, April & July 2011

parish trip to Elstow Abbey
, 18 June: our host, the Revd Jeremy Crocker, and churchwarden; lunch in the Rectory garden just before the heavens opened; off to explore the village's connection with John Bunyan; the Benedictine seal over the door of the parish church, and the interior; the Moot House, and Hannah our organist inside; and the Rector's birthday cake!

at St Paul's Cathedral, Easter Eve (one of our three candidates); baptism of five cousins

- Palm Sunday 2011

Ash Wednesday
- an unorthodox but successful combining of the pancake party and the liturgy of the day

see here for Archbishop of Canterbury's visit


Christmas 2009

Quiz Night 2009

Anniversary of Consecration 2009

Barbecue 2009

with Sentamu, Bishop of Stepney:
1998: candidates Kim Ali, Cathy Mathew, Tina Grundy, Joel Grundy, Jason Wright, Kate Fallon, Rebecca Mordecai
1999: candidates Esther Aponte, Hannah Bruin, Reiss Bruin, Rita Dunn, Cara Dunn, Charlotte Dunn, Mark Griffiths, Paul Kelly, Joshua Matthew, Annadale Ramanoop, Jane Conolon, Sarah Conlon, Lennie Rhodes, James Sargent, Sue Walker, Aaron Joseph, Kelly With, Luke With, Robyn Wright
2000: candidates Marina Bruin, Edith Hunter, Sarah Power, Bijan Rad, Chelsea Rhodes, Lorna Sargent, Rhys With, Stephanie Wright, Stuart Wright, Susan Wright (Hilary Chalk, headteacher of St Paul's School, also pictured)

Visit by Harry Gosling School; an ecumenical gathering


Anniversary of Consecration
, 1997-2000 and ????

Southend trip
, 2000

An undated picture of Tim Macer and Alan Taylor with Edith and Tricia (who still keeps in contact, with happy memories of their kindness, and of canal trips). They lived in Wapping for a time, and served on the PCC and in our worship, but now live in the Barbican, where Tim chairs the residents' consultation committee. Their civil partnership was dedicated at St Giles Cripplegate (the parish church of the Barbican), and as the links demonstrate, both have significant consultancy and university-based IT careers. We count them as old friends.


arious: an event with Bishop Jim Thompson (Pat Ellis-Beale on back row with Fr Gillean; Edith Wyeth, Maggie Graham and Betty Still on front row); a trip to Worthing; events in the crypt hall

Visit of Trevor Huddleston, Bishop of Stepney, 197? - including two at Harry Gosling School, with heateacher Miss Hurrell. (Could some of these images be published today?)


Crypt hall: various events

Sunday School
: 1966, trip to Cobham 1968 (2  pictures), Easter 1969, Nativity January 1970


Parish fairs
: in the first picture, the man with curly hair is Derek Turner, who became a verger at Southwark Cathedral and died in 2010, and the man with the cigarette is Denis O'Connor, crucifer and server. The ladder up the tree would not comply with today's health and safety requirements.... 
The second picture shows Marjorie Robbins on the left, who later worked for the United Nations in New York, Geneva and South Lebanon.
The final picture, around the tombola, shows Phil Hogan as a boy (now our chief server and sacristan).

: outside the Mission Hall 1960 (Jimmy Wyeth & daughter Jenefer on the right, Percy (aka Richard) Chance in the centre); boys atop the tower (Ascension Day morning?); coach trips (in the women's group, Edith Chance [Percy's mother] is standing fifth from left - baptized at St George's, she was a long-term member, and cleaned the new hall from the late 1960's until the late 1970's); a confirmation group 1965+;
church from Cannon Street Road; a procession (postwar but undated)

older pictures

mothers and babies (c1909); group on church steps (undated)

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